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Real-Life Sea Monsters

Children’s Choices Reading List
International Reading Association and the Children’s Book Council.

Long ago, sailors told tales about terrible monsters that lurked in the sea. Find out about the real-life sea creatures that inspired these stories.

Kirkus Reviews – July 1, 2008

Illus. by Ryan Durney First Avenue/Millbrook (48 pp.)
ISBN: 978-0-8225-6750-9 PLB: 978-0-8225-6747-9

A new addition to the expanding and worthy On My Own Science series makes science feel as mysterious and exciting as science fiction. Jango-Cohen stirs the imagination by sharing spooky sea lore and then moves to scientific research to examine the reality within the myth. The gigantic Kraken rises from the depths and pulls ships under the sea; the real monster, the giant squid that can be up to 57 feet long, is just as fascinating. Tales of yore also spoke of wicked mermaids who drowned children; scientists posit that these were actually manatees, themselves endangered by humans, and so on. Durney’s pearlescent, flowing illustrations make for an eerie and alluring underwater effect. “Every year, scientists find more than 100 new species of ocean life,” and this is a marvelous way for transitional readers to plumb the depths.

Chinese New Year

Named a Notable Social Studies Trade Book for Young People by the National Council for the Social Studies and the Children’s Book Council

“The perfect introduction to the sights, sounds, foods, and festivities of the Chinese New Year, this book describes Chinese New Year in detail. With colorful illustrations, this addition to the On My Own Holidays series also includes the origin and symbolism of each custom.”
As reviewed on “KidStuff”
Martha Stewart Radio, 2/13/07

“ This colorful book describes the celebration of Chinese New Year, which is also called the Spring Festival. Clearly written, informative, and child-centered without talking down to children, this provides a good introduction to the holiday.”

Ellis Island
Scholastic Library

Over 100,000 copies sold!

Between the late 1800s and early 1900s, millions of immigrants journeyed to America. Why did they come? What was their journey like? What did they experience at Ellis Island—the Isle of Hope and Isle of Tears?

Cornerstones of Freedom, Second Series, is the updated and newly designed extension of the acclaimed original series. Focusing specifically on key events in American history, from colonial times to the present day, the Cornerstones books support history, social studies, and geography curricula for middle-school students. Each book includes expanded subject coverage, subheadings, informative sidebars, glossary terms, timelines, and additional resources, as well as an attractive new design and dramatic photographs. As the U.S. entry point for nearly twelve million immigrants in the late 1800s and early 1900s, Ellis Island is truly a cornerstone of our nation’s history. Author Judith Jango-Cohen describes the Ellis Island experience from the point of view of immigrants by incorporating real-life stories. In addition, readers will learn about the island’s history–from its years of peak operation to its decline–and its reopening as the Ellis Island Immigration Museum.

School/Library Books

Your Respiratory System (Lerner 2012)
Fire Trucks on the Move (Lerner 2011)
Dump Trucks on the Move (Lerner 2011)
Mount Rushmore (Lerner 2011)
Let’s Look at Armadillos (Lerner 2011)
Let’s Look at Iguanas (Lerner 2010)
Real-Life Sea Monsters (Lerner 2008)
Bionics (Lerner, 2007)
Bees (Benchmark/Marshall Cavendish, 2007)
Hippopotamuses (Benchmark/Marshall Cavendish, 2007)
Ben Franklin’s Big Shock (Millbrook Press, 2006)
Why Does It Rain? (Millbrook Press, 2006)
The History of Food: Major Inventions through History (Twenty-First Century Books, 2006)
Kangaroos  (Benchmark/Marshall Cavendish, 2006)
Porcupines (Benchmark/Marshall Cavendish, 2006)
Ellis Island (Children’s Press/Scholastic Library, 2005)
Camels  (Benchmark/Marshall Cavendish, 2005)
Rhinoceroses (Benchmark/Marshall Cavendish, 2005)
Chinese New Year (Carolrhoda, 2005)
The Respiratory System (Lerner, 2005)
Librarians (Lerner, 2005)
Flying Squirrels (Lerner, 2004)
Armadillos (Benchmark/Marshall Cavendish, 2004)
Octopuses (Benchmark/Marshall Cavendish, 2004)
The Bald Eagle (Lerner, 2003)
The American Flag (Lerner, 2003)
The Liberty Bell (Lerner, 2003)  
Mount Rushmore (Lerner, 2003)
Hovering Hummingbirds (Lerner, 2003)
Hungry Ladybugs (Lerner, 2003)
Fire Trucks (Lerner, 2003)
Dump Trucks (Lerner, 2003)
Freshwater Fishes (Benchmark/Marshall Cavendish, 2003)   
Crocodiles (Benchmark/Marshall Cavendish, 2003)
Gorillas (Benchmark/Marshall Cavendish, 2003)
Penguins (Benchmark/Marshall Cavendish, 2002)
Giraffes (Benchmark/Marshall Cavendish, 2002)
Clinging Sea Horses (Lerner, 2001)
Crocodiles (Benchmark/Marshall Cavendish, 2001)
Desert Iguanas (Lerner, 2001)
Digging Armadillos (Lerner, 1999)  

Activity Books

First Hidden Pictures: Ocean (McClanahan, 2000)

Board Books

Freddie’s Forest Pals (Joshua Morris/Fisher-Price, 1998)
A School Bus Adventure (Joshua Morris/Fisher-Price, 1997)
Freddy the Frog (Joshua Morris, 1996)
Katy the Crocodile (Joshua Morris, 1996)
Terrence the Turtle (Joshua Morris, 1996)