Adventures in Nonfiction: Gators, Octopi, and Grizzlies, Oh My!

This popular program takes participants along on the humorous and harrowing adventures of the author/photographer while researching her numerous nonfiction titles. The program also delves into writing and revision and explores science topics from the Common Core.

As an interactive program, it appeals to many types of learners by employing stories, photographs, role play, puppets, music, and movement. Follow-up materials for students and teachers are included.  (Grades PreK-Adult)

Students Discovering the Length of a Giant Squid



Author Visit Reviews

“Judith was fabulous! The kids were so captivated by her stories and photos. A perfect addition to our study of nonfiction!”
Teacher, Upham Elementary School
Wellesley, MA


“Our Superintendent, Dr. Zrike, was amazed at how engaged the students were during your presentations and how interactive you were with them.  And he LOVED the fact that you are a non-fiction writer. I hope that you enjoyed your day as much as we did having you.”
Authorfest Coordinator
Greenwood Elementary School
Wakefield, MA

“Thank you for being a valuable part of our Center School educational team.”
Principal, Center School
Peabody, MA

Pre-program Reading.

“Your multi-sensory approach really held the kids’ attention. The song and slide show at the end was terrific!”
Grade 2 Teachers, Walton Elementary School,
Wakefield, MA

“The students absolutely loved your presentation. They still talk about how you demonstrated the length of the squid in the hallway. One of my favorite parts was when you showed and talked about the writing process—I often refer to it during our Writers’ Workshop.”
Grade 3 Teacher, Center Elementary School,
Peabody, MA

“Our teachers are always most impressed with you and your presentations and tell me to make sure you come back each year.”
Enrichment Parent
Greenwood School
Wakefield, MA

“I love the way you relate to the children. I think you got everyone very excited to be writers. You are such      a fantastic presenter! I can’t wait to invite you back sometime soon.”
Liza Halley, Librarian
Robbins Library and Fox Branch Library
Arlington, MA

“I was lucky enough to attend the author visit today.  I thought the author Judith Jango-Cohen was wonderful.  She had a great presentation. I liked how she intertwined the process of how to write a book with different ways to write words (similes, etc.) with her own experiences.  She had such a kind way about her.  Her approach and style was very different.  I left there smiling.”
Teacher’s Aide
Robin Hood School,
Stoneham, MA   

“[Judith ] captivated an audience that included a one-year-old and a sixty-one-year-old, and many in between… She is one of those rare performers who entertains while teaching.”
Marina Salenikas
Head of Youth Services
Stevens Memorial Library
North Andover, MA

“Thank you for the fabulous show… The audience was entranced…  Using puppets, props, and members of your audience, you were able to keep the presentation alive and engaging for even the youngest of children. I could see the adults were enjoying the program too… Thank you so much for sharing your life as a wildlife photographer/writer.”
Jackie Dibble, Youth Services
J.V. Fletcher Library
Westford, MA

“I absolutely loved your show. You were a fabulous storyteller and you kept your audience entranced. I love how you hooked us from the beginning with your story of an animal saving your life. Awesome!!!”
Teacher, Woodville Elementary School,
Wakefield, MA


Looking like an antelope.

“Judith had a wonderful rapport with the children.  Her stories were told in an engaging manner and the children enjoyed being introduced to creatures and situations that they had never personally encountered before. This fascinating presentation helped make our event a success.”
Dr. Betsy Diamant-Cohen,
Children’s Programming Specialist
Enoch Pratt Free Library, Baltimore Maryland

“You were very informative. Great energy. You had the teacher’s touch—very controlled.”
Teacher, Bernazzani School, Quincy, MA


Beautiful work Sascha!

“I have to tell you, the kids just loved meeting you. They learned so much and were so anxious to read your books. Thanks for the inspiration.”
Teacher, Fox Hill School, Burlington, MA

“I really enjoyed how you had students role play as part of your presentation.”
Teacher, Bates Elementary School, Wellesley, MA

“I thought the presentation was fabulous and I’d highly recommend you again. The kids loved you!”
Teacher, Bates Elementary School, Wellesley, MA

I especially loved your description of the editing process. It’s always good for kids to hear that it’s okay to make mistakes and that there are others out there who can help them create something amazing.”

Jackie Dibble, Youth Services
J.V. Fletcher Library
Westford, MA

Version 2

“The kids loved the puppets! They said it got everyone excited and involved. They also loved the  suspenseful stories!
Teacher, Ambrose Elementary School, Winchester MA

Thank you for visiting the Greenwood School today! My son, Sean, enjoyed your visit and we have been hearing all about squid and sea monsters this evening! You really turned him on to the writing process! Thank you so much . . . now time to read about sea monsters!
Parent, Greenwood School, Wakefield, MA