Pre-Program Reading, Revising Fairytales, and Painting Pictures with Similes.

This popular presentation was developed in coordination with teachers to address English Language Arts standards and requirements for standardized writing tests. All the techniques are applicable to nonfiction literature. “Exciting Writing” introduces simple but stimulating approaches to drafting and revising writing. Students will solve “Paragraph Puzzlers” and compete in “Paragraph Playoffs.” During “Revision Decision” games, students will wield paintbrushes to create pictures using vibrant verbs and inventive similes. They will also take batons in hand to bring music to their writing through the use of alliteration. Fifth and sixth graders will develop a clear understanding “point of view” through the analysis of advertisements and music lyrics.

Includes follow-up materials for review and reinforcement.
Also available as a multi-day writing program or workshop.
(Grades 2-6)

Children “Making Music” with the Alliteration Recitation:

Author Visit Reviews

“Judith’s program was wonderful! She makes writing into an adventure. The children couldn’t wait to get back to class to try out her ideas in their own writing. They are still talking about the program!“
Grade 3 Teacher
Robin Hood School, Stoneham, MA

Author_visit_program_school_Mass_nonfiction_214 2
“Making Music” with Alliteration!

“Thank you, Judith for a wonderful workshop! You had the students totally absorbed in your very engaging presentation and they were learning so much! It was inspiring!”
North Andover Enrichment Committee Parent

“We’ve had many authors here, but no one has explained revision the way you have.”
Third grade teacher
Fiske School, Wellesley MA

“Our Superintendent, Dr. Zrike, was amazed at how engaged the students were during your presentations and how interactive you were with them.  And he LOVED the fact that you are a non-fiction writer. I hope that you enjoyed your day as much as we did having you.”
Authorfest Coordinator
Greenwood Elementary School
Wakefield, MA

“Judith Jango-Cohen was a breath of fresh air in my language arts classroom. She engaged the children with storytelling experiences and charm. Using techniques from her books to connect to student writing, Judith was clear, informative and wonderfully worthwhile. My sixth grade students and I truly appreciated and enjoyed our author workshop.”
Teacher, Marshall Simonds Middle School

“Please accept my heartfelt thanks for coming to our school and weaving your magic for the fourth

My Own Book Box!

graders. I especially enjoyed your teaching techniques concerning alliteration and rhyming as literary devices. After your visit, students made reference to what they learned quite often.”
Fourth grade teacher
Ambrose Elementary School, Winchester MA

“The kids and I loved meeting you. Your presentation was informative and matched what we are teaching in writing. It helps the kids to know what we are teaching them is ‘real’ writing. Come back anytime!”
Fourth grade teacher
Muraco Elementary School, Winchester MA