Thank you for considering an author visit! All of my school and library programs are interactive, multi-sensory, fast-paced, and fact-packed with appeal to all types of learners. Weaving ten years of teaching skills with stories of my adventures as an author/photographer, I create programs that captivate and educate students about Writing, Science, and Social Studies.

Before the visit we will discuss the type of program you’d like, and how it may be tailored to your needs.  After the program I will distribute follow-up materials and will e-mail copies as well, so teachers can modify materials for different students.  I have also added  Teacher  pages to my blog to augment the programs.

Version 2

Previewing a program before an author visits is not always possible. In order to give teachers and parents a better idea of my programs, I am adding a short movie to his blog.
So break out the popcorn and hope to see you soon!


For additional information you can download a brochure:


 If you’d like your students to order books before the program you can download this LETTER TO PARENTS. I will send you a book order form and bring the signed books on the day of the visit.

For descriptions and reviews of my programs you can click on the links below:
Adventures in Nonfiction: Gators, Octopi, and Grizzlies, Oh My!  
Exciting Writing
Images of ImmigrantsAuthor_visit_program_school_Mass_nonfiction_46.jpg.

Author Visit Fees:
Author speaking fees range from $400 for one program, $650 for two programs, $930 for three programs, and $1100 for four programs. There is no travel charge or motel fee for places within 30 miles of my home in eastern Massachusetts. 

Virtual Author Visit Fees:
Virtual visits are 50% less.

I offer a 10% discount to schools that schedule visits together. Programs do not need to be presented in the same week.

For great tips on planning an author visit check out these sites: 

If you have any questions, comments, or would like me to mail you a brochure, feel welcome to phone me at 781-229-6317. Or, you can submit the form below: