After a recent author program, the third grade teacher invited me to his classroom to read some of the writing his children were doing. That is when I discovered Adjective in Detail Poems. The formula is simple.

First pick your adjective and then write:

1) What your adjective is NOT

2) Three examples that show what your adjective is

3) Two examples of what your adjective sounds like

4) Another word for your adjective

5) One thing about your adjective

Here’s the poem I wrote.     Dew laden Spider Web

Graceful is not a clackety-clanking crash.
Graceful is a silky-swirling scarf.
Graceful is a dainty-tiptoeing dancer.
Graceful is a sparkly-spinning skater.
Graceful sounds like smooth-soothing music.
Graceful sounds like the whisper of floating snow.
Another word for graceful is elegant.
One thing about graceful is it makes your heart sing.

Now try your own!


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