Science Word in the News: ARTHROPOD

Common Desert Centipede, Banded Desert Centipede, Banded Centipe
Common Desert Centipede

Some are pretty. Some  are not.
Some are huge. Some . . . a dot.
They outnumber us, 200 to one.
You can’t escape them; there’s no place to run.
They live high and low, in Earth’s every nook . . .
Even in your room. Go look.

Zig-zag Spider, Neosconia oaxcensis, Neosconia cooksonii
Zig-zag Spider

Definition: An ARTHROPOD is an animal with jointed legs, an external skeleton, and a segmented body.

Sally Lightfoot Crab on Lava Rock, Grapsus grapsus
Sally Lightfoot Crab

Derivation: ARTHROPOD comes from two Greek words.
Arthro means joint and podos means foot.

Other words with these roots:
Arthritis, a painful inflammation of the joints
Podiatrist, a doctor who treats foot problems
Tripod, a three-legged stand

Female Cloudless Sulphur Butterfly, Female Cloudless Giant Sulph
Female Cloudless Sulphur Butterfly

Insects, such as butterflies and ants

Did You Know?
A scientific survey found that an average of 100 arthropod species live in every American home. Some roam in search of food crumbs. Others hunt for hair or nail clippings.

Painted Locust, Schistocerca melanocera, Sullivan Bay, Santiago,
Painted Locust, Galapagos NP

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