Science Word in the News: CARNIVORE

Harbor Seal Yawning, Phoca vitulina
Harbor Seal Yawning, Phoca vitulina

Not all carnivores
Have jaws or claws.
Can you believe
Some have leaves?

Red Fox, Vulpes vulpes
Red Fox, Vulpes vulpes

Definition: A CARNIVORE is an organism that feeds on animal flesh.

Cheetah, Acinonyx jubatus
Cheetah, Acinonyx jubatus

Derivation: CARNIVORE comes from two Latin words.
Carn means meat and vorare means to devour.

Other words with these roots:
Carnage, large-scale killing
Voracious, having a great appetite
Locavore, a person who eats locally grown foods

Alligator Eating Nutria, Alligator mississippiensis1
Alligator , Alligator mississippiensis


Did You Know?
Some plants are carnivorous because they trap and digest insects. One carnivorous plant, the venus fly trap, “counts” from one to five to trap and digest its prey. 

Purple Pitcher Plant with Insects Inside, Purple Pitcherplant, S
Purple Pitcher Plant with Insects Inside, Sarracenia purpurea

In the news:
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